Here’s What Happens When You Drink Coffee On An Empty Stomach

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We all know that the coffee includes a lot of health benefits; however, that is not a case if we drink coffee early in the morning on an empty stomach.

So, that means that the timing is important because its consummation, even if it is decaf, on an empty stomach affects our digestive tract, however, the effects go even deeper.

Gastrointestinal problems

In our stomach, we have hydrochloric acid which is digesting our food. However, drinking coffee on an empty stomach makes the acid production go into overdrive. If this is happening often, our body may lose interest to produce this acid on its own, thus making the digestion slower.

Furthermore, there are some bacteria that can appear due to the slow digestion which usually produces hydrogen sulfide, resulting with the well familiar farts.

However, the problems may evolve into indigestion, heartburn, and irritation of the intestines if the stomach acid is increased. If this is happening for a long time it may lead to bowel syndrome, acid reflux or ulcers.

Nutritional issues

According to a research at the Yokohama City University School of Medicine in Japan, the coffee is making the food go out of our stomach more quickly. This means that the minerals and vitamins are not absorbed properly, which may cause a deficiency in nutrients. This is also the case with decaf.

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