Be aware Of This These 9 Changes On The Tongue Reveal Almost All Your Diseases

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  1. A few red dots on your tongue, visible traces of teeth and a thin white surface. This appearance shows a lack of energy, that causes tiredness, poor appetite, and sweating.
  2. A yellow layer, surrounded by the rest of the red area of the tongue. This applies to the problems with dehydration, skin diseases, and digestion. This manifests itself in the psyche, so these people are often in a changeable mood.
  3. White layer, swollen edges. This applies to the occurrence of the unbalanced functioning of the digestive system and also the tendency to accumulate water in the body. People in this situation usually feel listless and fatigued.
  4. Black dots on a purple surface: indicating difficulties in the functioning of the circulatory system, so people can have problems with varicose veins, headache, skin dull, feeling of heaviness in the legs and chest pain.