20 Early Warning Signs of Lung Cancer That Women Should Never Ignore

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Lung cancer is the second most common cancer in both men and women. Prostate is the first for men, and breast cancer is the first for women. Although the prevalence of lung cancer is near equal in both men and women, the warning signs  of lung cancer can vary between the two greatly. This is because men and women usually suffer from different types of lung cancer and therefor experience different symptoms, making it important to look out for the symptoms that are specific to your sex.

Lung Cancer In Women

The most common type of lung cancer that women develop is called adenocarcinoma. This form of lung cancer generally tends to spread on the outer part of the lungs, which may explain why symptoms are less obvious than other types of lung cancer. In many cases, adenocarcinoma tumors can become large and spread throughout the body before they are detected, making catching this type of cancer early critical.

Early symptoms of adenocarcinoma include: