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Hey friends,

Today I am sharing more of my personal battle with eczema on my legs. I first shared my story of eczema back in January 5, 2013. Then gave an update on September 9, 2013 on healing eczema with a simple diet of rice and meat, which did work! But that was right before the holidays and I am human and like food, so it was hard for me to keep a simple diet.

And my dry, itchy, red patchy skin came right back. Actually it was worse than it has ever been!!! I got so depressed. Frustrated. Upset at myself that allowed it to get that bad.

After the holidays I was traveling for 2 weeks working and my legs were still really bad. My embarrassment continued. And my frustration was only getting worse

Experimenting with food and supplements to help heal my eczema

Please note this is my experience. Consult with your doctor before trying anything new. 

I kept on reading and researching more and more. Even re-read old articles. Read forums. Blogs. Etc.

When I was back home after traveling I started listening to podcasts. I listened to any podcast I could find on eczema or dry, itchy skin. I came across one podcast that I learned a lot from Dishing up Nutrition show – Skin problems: acne, rosacea, and eczema. They discussed all skin issues but mentioned eczema being a zinc deficiency and that GLA can help with dry skin. GLA helps with skin and hormones, it is an omega 6 essential fatty acid. And I have always thought I had a zinc deficiency as one sign is having white spots on your fingernails.

So I decided to try taking a few new supplements to see if that would help, in addition avoiding certain foods. More on this below.This picture was in early January 2014 when my legs started getting really bad. The pictures don’t really do it justice in what it really looked like.

The red patches were everywhere. I never had it so bad.

I was getting scared.

I have been taking Zinc and borage oil (GLA) for about 3 weeks now to help with eczema, which seem to be helping.