The uncomfortable moment a man pushes a ‘salivary stone’ out his mouth

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The very uncomfortable moment a man pushes an unpleasant looking ‘salivary stone’ out of his mouth

  • Brandon Douglas, a Navy sailor stationed in Bahrain, felt pain in his mouth 
  • He said he felt something hard in his lower jaw for about five days
  • After eating breakfast he felt something pushing out of his mouth 
  • Douglas went to a bathroom and grabbed his cell phone to record a video
  • Filmed an approximately a giant salivary stone coming out of his mouth

    This is the stomach-turning moment a man pushes a salivary stone out of his submandibular duct.

    Brandon Douglas, an American stationed with the Navy in Bahrain, posted the video to YouTube on Saturday and it was viewed nearly 200,000 times.

    ‘I had some swelling on my sublingual gland which is right under your tongue.

    ‘It had some pus/mucus stuff coming out so i had it looked at.

    Dentist said it was probably a stone developing (and) four days later I end up pushing that bad boy out.

    ‘I guess its from not staying hydrated and some other factors. I stay pretty hydrated so I’m hoping it was a fluke,’ Douglas wrote on Reddit