Psychologists’ Advice: Never Say These 5 Phrases to Your Children

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Everything we say and do have an impact on our children. According to psychologists, our word and deeds may affect our children’s adulthood. But, do you know why is that so? Children are like sponges; they receive everything.

Their brains are still in development, and they have excess synapses at a rate of about 15,000 synapses a neuron which twice more than adults’ brains.

The things in the environment we are exposed to many times are reinforced in the brain by a lot of neural links to those things. As our parents are the ones, we are mostly exposed to while we are growing up, the way they talk and treat us have a huge impact on us.

In other words, the way our parents talk to us is how we talk to ourselves. If our parents were giving is support and courage, we would do the same to ourselves. And, if they were critical or angry toward us, we would be so hard on ourselves. Why is this important?

The manner in which we talk to ourselves has an influence on our self-confidence, as well as our approach to the life’s mistakes, and how we get over them. That is the reason why every parent should have patience with their children.