Make Receding Gums Grow Again And Fast With These Natural Methods

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Gum recession, or periodontitis, is a condition that damages the soft tissue around the teeth causing the gums to reduce. This makes the teeth more exposed thus vulnerable. This issue is also the cause of the formation of gaps between the teeth which are the perfect breeding area for bacteria. When the tooth is exposed you may also experience more pain and sensitivity. On the long run, this condition can even lead to tooth loss.

This problem is really common and people do not understand fully how serious it is. This is because the problem appears and develops slow, really slow. See your gums with a mirror and you will notice if there Is any change. Sensitivity is first noticed; then another thing is size of the tooth. If the tooth looks bigger than before, the gums are receded. You must take some steps to resolve this. Other signs are:

  • Tooth ache
  • Sensitivity
  • Large tooth look

What makes gums recede?

This is due to a disease of the gums, but also other reasons like: