Ways to Help Your Uterus Shrink After a Vaginal Birth

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Why on earth would you want to help your uterus shrink?

Throughout your pregnancy, your Uterus will continuously expand to accommodate your growing baby.

Sometimes it can grow at approximately 1 inch per week.

So, your uterus will have grown from 3 inches to about 39-42 weeks by the time you deliver.

Your uterus remains distended or ‘bulgy’ for up to 6 weeks after giving birth. Giving you that ‘mummy tummy’ look.

But your body is clever enough to shrink the uterus on its own right?

Well, clever to an extent. In the same way, the body is clever enough to regulate it’s metabolism and control digestion of foods and nutrients. Yet, people still choose to be intentionally healthy and and exercise to help the body!

Your uterus will begin to shrink immediately after giving birth to your baby.

During the first 48 hours after birth, you will physically feel your uterus contract and relax intermittently.

The contracting and relaxing of the uterus also help close off the blood vessels that were attached to the placenta during pregnancy.