Thyroid & Mental Health: It’s NOT All In Your Head

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How much of what we are calling psychiatric pathology is in fact thyroid disorder?

I’m sitting on the edge of my seat as I prepare Dr. Kelly Brogan’s guest article for Hypothyroid Mom. Her question has my mind reeling. How many of my fellow Hypothyroid Mom followers are diagnosed with mental health illnesses? Could some or many of them be misdiagnosed? Could these symptoms be a red flag that somewhere deep in their body their soul is waving up in the air trying to alert the person, the doctor, someone, that their thyroid condition is undiagnosed or inadequately treated?

Written by Psychiatrist Kelly Brogan, MD

It’s not all in your head

Depression has become an epidemic in which psychiatrists are infamous for saying “oops” and quickly writing a prescription. We have bought into a disease-medication model, driven by the holy placebo-controlled trial. This is the language that doctors speak, and anything else is considered gibberish. We work with one-size-fits-all interventions and reduce patients to their indication, or diagnosis. We tell ourselves that the algorithm works when it is “evidence-based”. What does this mean when we see that the house of cards has been glued into its position?