10 Early Signs of Lupus

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Lupus is a chronic disease that affects your immune system, it can affect any part of the body. When someone has Lupus it means that your body cannot tell the difference between your body’s healthy tissues and foreign invaders. The result of this is that your body creates autoantibodies that attack your healthy tissues.

This can cause you to have pain, inflammation and damage to your body. While there is no cure for Lupus it can be managed and Lupus symptoms can be lessened though treatments that minimize Lupus flare-ups. Lupus can range in severity from very mild to life threatening.

If you have Lupus you should be treated by a doctor, with the right care you could lead a full life. People with Lupus will go through periods of when the symptoms flare up, followed by periods where there are little to no symptoms and they feel healthy.

While anyone can get Lupus, women of childbearing age are most commonly affected. People that have Lupus usually develop the disease between 15 and 44 years of age.

It is important not to get confused between Lupus and other diseases. Lupus is not contagious in any way and it is completely different and unrelated to cancer, HIV and AIDS.

It can be hard to diagnose Lupus due to the fact that the signs and symptoms can be very similar to those of other illnesses, in addition to this because Lupus affects different parts of the body no two cases of Lupus are the same.