22 Hidden Signs of Trauma in Kids

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When it comes to protecting kids, we’d like to think we would recognize the signs of trauma or abuse and get children the help they need. But too often, these “signs” of childhood trauma are hidden, and children are left struggling in silence with nowhere to turn. So what are these hidden signs?

Maybe the “shy” child isn’t actually shy, but is petrified of speaking up because doing so at home results in verbal or physical abuse. Maybe the “aggressive” child who is hard to discipline doesn’t know how to cope with the sudden loss of a loved one, so they “act out.” Maybe the child who has a lot of stomach problems is experiencing anxiety from the trauma of seeing his or her parents go through an ugly divorce.

It’s important we talk about some of these “hidden” signs of childhood trauma so we can get vulnerable children the help they need. We wanted to know what “hidden” signs of childhood trauma often get missed, so we turned to our Mighty community to share one thing they experienced themselves.