These Teas Will Make Your Menstrual Pain Disappear Instantly

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Of course there are a bunch of medications that you can buy at the pharmacy, and that can help with your menstrual pain. However if you want to try some natural solutions, there are teas that can be an excellent substitute for the medications. Usually the menstrual pain occurs in the worst possible moment, when you least expect it, and just then you cannot go to the pharmacy. This is why these homemade natural remedies are better. They will help you to get rid of the unpleasant pain and the stomach cramps.

Drink this tea and get rid of the cramps

There are many recipes for teas which have an amazing effect and will help you with your menstrual pain. For preparing this tea you will need one teaspoon of ground ginger and some hot water or milk. You can also use: chamomile, raspberry leaves, cinnamon, marigold, yarrow or mint. Remember not to drink more than three cups of these teas during the day.

Another way to use these teas

When it comes to struggling with the cramps and the menstrual pain, some women are so desperate they will try anything. However, there is an alternative for those who are not big fans of tea. They can always use wraps. For preparing this wraps all you have to do is take some ginger root and boil it in hot water and then leave it to cool. Later use this liquid to make the wrap and put it on the painful area.