If you are a woman age between 18 to 44, this is very important for you

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We all goes through menstruation period every month and for some of us those 4-5 days are very painful. But do you know if you follow some simple rule, you can avoid this pain completely. Some Do’s and Dont’s are given below, just follow them and check result yourself

The don’ts: During or a week before the cycle

Don’t consume white sugar, processed white flours and artificial colours and additives through your foods.

Don’t choose a low fat diet. Yes you heard be right. You need the right (unprocessed and extra virgin) fats to absorb the fat soluble vitamins in your body such as vitamin A, D, E and K. Such as coconut oil, ghee, flax seed oil, evening primrose oil and hemp seeds.

Reduce eating too much soy or grain based foods. These foods can increase blood sugar imbalances, lower thyroid functions and reduce the liver’s ability to detox excess estrogen. Grain based foods are rice, pasta and bread.