Gynecologists warn: 6 menstrual problems you should never ignore

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Absent Menstruation

If you have missed two or more periods and you are not pregnant then you may have bigger problems as thyroid problems, stress or premature menopause, hormonal misbalance and excessive exercising. Absent Menstruation can trigger faster growth of abnormal cells which can potentially cause cancer. Your gynecologist should run blood test, check the hormone level, and check if you have polycystic ovaries as well as your thyroid gland function.

Intensive and sudden cramps

If your cramps cause you unbearable pain, you might suffer from endometriosis. The endometriosis is a health condition in which those cells that grow inside of your uterus are beginning to grow from the external wall and they can cause abnormal and bad pain. The symptoms can appear any time, and most of those women that are diagnosed with this problem, generally had painful menstruation from the youngest years.