9 Early Signs of Ovarian Cancer Symptoms That Women Often Ignore

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Apparently, Ovarian Cancer Can Be Detected Earlier Through Simple Signs That Are Often Underestimated Here.

Until now, cancer is still one of the diseases that many people fear. This is because his presence is often unexpected. Some cancers were successfully detected when they entered the advanced stage.

While few have been managed, some cases of cancer must end in death. One of the many types of cancer to watch out for, especially by women, is ovarian cancer.

Ovarian cancer is one of the causes of death that is quite high. Reporting from Alodokter, cancers that attack the ovary or ovary managed to occupy the seventh position among the types of cancer that attack women. Although it generally attacks women who have entered the age of menopause, the danger of ovarian cancer can also affect women under the age of 50 years.

Many things can cause us to get this type of cancer. Apart from age and heredity, ovarian cancer can also arise due to lifestyle. Just name a number of causes such as obesity, smoking, or because of using an IUD contraception.